History For Today

Like any great work of art, a jans2en piece truly creates an impact in the home or office, whether traditional or modern in style. While we do feature some set collections, our pieces can be easily blended to create exciting and inspiring combinations. Your creativity is the only limit. A broad range of clients enjoy our timeless creations and, regardless of age, status or profession, they are all collectors at heart.

We are pleased to present to you our collection of classic furniture designs.

About JansĀ²en

We are a high-end manufacturer of furniture and decorative accessories. The company was founded in 1981 and since then has developed into an international company with a sales presence in Europe, Canada, the United States, and Hong Kong. We offer complete room settings and a wide range of occasional pieces. Our pieces are shipped worldwide and are featured in upscale homes and apartments, villas, (boutique) hotels, restaurants, and palaces.